Commercial photography 

   Please contact me for pricing on any interior, exterior and or architectural photography. I price each job individual to suit what my client needs.  I can price per image, per hour or a combination of both. Depending on the distance, there may be a charge for travel*.



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Portrait and Sports photography

   Seeing I do not yet have a studio I take all my photos "on location" using mainly natural light. This could be at your home, a local park or a sports field. The minimum charge for a session will be $100.The session will consist of up to 1 hr of time, not including travel* time. There will be a charge of $30 for each hour beyond the initial hour. See below for image delivery options.

   I see some photographers charge per background or outfit. Not me! It is your time, use it how you want to. If you want to change outfits between every shot you are free to do so. Granted, the more you change the less shots we will be able to get due to time.




Other Information

Image and Delivery Options

   Depending on the service you select the image quantity will vary. This may range for 5 images to 100! In most cases the average is around 20 images for portraits and 60 for sports. 

   I can deliver the images in 3 ways. I can upload the images to a password protected FTP site for you to be able to directly download all the images. I can burn a DVD with all the images and mail them to an address of your choosing.(There will be an additional cost of $10 per DVD to cover supplies and shipping.)  The final option is printing. I can have my lab print the images and have them drop shipped straight to your door. To view the cost per print please click HERE to visit my print pricing page.

   Once you are given the high resolution images you are free to have them processed and printed anywhere you like. I will warn you on having them printed at 1hr photo lab.  The quality of the prints you will get from a 1hr photo lab are very poor. I recommend you spend a few dollars more to get a high quality print from a professional lab.


There is a charge of .50 per mile.